Project Life Week 30

I am on a roll!  Here’s week 30.

Week 30 A blogStill trying not to duplicate photos with October Daily.  Some of these were just too cute not to include twice though.  :)

Week 30 B blog


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Project Life Week 29

I bought a new theme kit!  The Becky Higgins Halloween one.  Nothing like some new product to motivate me.  :)

Week 29 A blogWhy yes, that is a picture of my groceries.  I love to throw a bit of complete randomness into Project Life.  :)

Week 29 B blog


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Project Life Week 28

Now that I can breath again, I’m rediscovering my mojo!  I cranked out this Project Life layout yesterday.

Week 28 A blogMost of these are B photos that wouldn’t normally make the cut, but I’m trying to at least somewhat limit my duplicates between Project Life and October Daily.  :)

Week 28 B blogStill totally loving the Becky Higgins “Girl” mini kit.  :)



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Laminated Meds Checklist

So my blog break ended up being a bit longer than I anticipated, but I’m back!

First off, I finally went back to the dr about my never ending cough.  I went to my allergist this time and finally got some answers.  I’m happy to report that 2 days of prednisone, multiple inhalers, and antibiotics for a sinus infection have finally done the trick!  Yesterday was my first day without cough drops in 2 months.  Seriously, I’ve been buying them in bulk.  I’m not at 100%, but I have so much more energy now that I can breath!  (My allergist had me do a breathing test in the office and I was down 30% from my baseline.  No wonder I’ve been exhausted.)  In fact, I have so much energy that I made myself a spiffy chart to keep track of when I need to take all of my meds!

med chartI laminated it so that I can check off each med as I take it and then the next day I can use it again.  :)  It’s working out super well.

In other exciting news, I passed my certification test!  Hopefully this leads to some awesome job prospects for next year.  Ideally, I’ll be able to teach at the school we’re hoping to get Raptor accepted into.  It’s a lottery, so all appendages are crossed!  They’re drawing names today and I’m super nervous.

Hmm…  What else is new.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I have a new obsession with painting my nails.  Partially because I just think it’s super fun, and partially because it’s helping to break my terrible habit of boredom eating while I work at night.  Wet nails don’t keep my from typing, but they do keep me from snacking.  :)

I’m also thinking of making some new letter a week units.  I’m currently pinning stuff for a J is for Jungle theme!


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Little Break

Hey guys.  Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m taking a week off from blogging.  I’m planning to take an exam to add a certification to my teaching credentials and I have to, like, you know, study.  Check back next Monday and I should have something up.  :)

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“Snow Day” activities

Y’all, I live in Texas.  Not Alaska!  We are not meant for cold weather and I kind of lose my mind a little when I can’t send Raptor outside to play.  I’m happy to report that this activity kept her happily occupied for an hour.  ::bliss::



By the way, I totally copied this from a friend.  I had Raptor lie (lay?) down on a piece of butcher paper and traced her.  Then I gave her some markers and stickers and let her have at it.  She was thrilled.

My initial plan was for us to create a town for either little cars or her my little ponies, but as soon as she saw the paper taped down she asked if we could make another outline.  Well, sure.  :)

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This is the third year we’ve been to this and it is just as cool every time!


It’s basically like walking into a giant multi-chambered bubble, which is to say AWESOME!


They play kind of trancy music and lots of people try to meditate.  Raptor tried her hand at some yoga.  Tree pose!



There are, how to describe them…  thin slits at the tops that let in colored light.  The different rooms are different colors.  It really is magical.



If you ever get the chance, you must go.  We did have to wait an hour and a half to get in, but the kids were happy to run around the grounds and play while we waited.



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Project Life Week 27

Y’all, this is the third spread I’ve finished this week!  It must be some kind of record!  Since I just finished doing October Daily, I didn’t feel the need to tell a lot of “stories” with this spread.  In fact, RaptorDad questioned why I was even doing it for October.  The answer?  I’m waaaaaay too OCD to leave out a month.  :)

Week 27 A blogSo I included the pictures that were still cute, but hadn’t made the cut for October Daily.  I also included zero journaling so this page came together super quick!  I’d love to knock out the rest of October this weekend, but I think we all know I’ll get bored soon.  ;)

Week 27 B blog


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Project Life Week 26

Week 26 A blogI didn’t have many pictures this week, but that just gave me a chance to use more of the cute filler cards.  I’m glad that I’m not so tied to the picture a day approach.  This is much easier.  Oh, and I’m not sure what happened with the font on the “You are my Sunshine” card.  I need to go back and change that.  lol.

Week 26 B blog


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Project Life Week 25

Slowly but surely, I’m eventually going to finish 2013.  :)

Week 25 A blog

Week 25 B blog

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