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white-web-35My name’s RaptorMama and I’m a craftaholic.  :)  I’m a 30-something  stay-at-home mom to 7 year old Raptor and 1 year old twins!  Now that the babies are here, I’m thrilled to be back at my favorite job: stay at home mom!  :)  I’ve been scrapbooking *forever* and I make way too many pages, but I love it.  Basically, I want to be Shimelle when I grow up.  :)  I’m a terrible housewife, but I’ve made it a big goal of mine to improve on the domestic front now that the twins are sleeping a little better.  ::knock on wood::  Until recently RaptorDad did all of the cooking in our house, and while my kitchen disasters sometimes result in us ordering pizza, I’m slowly getting better and adding things to the repertoire.  Raptor wants to take another stab at planting a garden even though I have historically had a black thumb.  I love making Montessori inspired activities and I frequently craft at 1 AM, so sometimes my creations are a bit less awesome in the light of day.  I started this blog as an effort to motivate me to get crafting and it’s worked!  I also blog in general about our adventures as a family of 5.  :)


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