More D-A-D Photos

So I figured, why mess with a good thing.  :)  Kate and I did the D-A-D photos again this year and I think it’s really neat to see how much she’s grown.  Unfortunately, I gave away the letters from last year so I had to hunt down a new set.  I really wanted the exact same ones so that you could see how much bigger she has gotten.

I really like having them hanging side by side.  :)  I wasn’t hugely pleased with the photos, but Kate’s always cute so it’s hard to take a *bad* picture.

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  1. Anna says:

    I did the same thing- I wanted Julia and Will each with a “D” and both of them together with the “A”. Will was perfect. Julia wanted nothing to do with Will. So Will is holding the 2 D’s and Julia has the A. Travis liked it!

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