Fun with Contact Paper!

Mia’s occupational therapist has been recommending for a while that we put some contact paper up on the wall to encourage Mia to work on standing up.  The idea is that you put the contact paper up, sticky side out, and then she can squat, pick something up, stand up, stick it to the contact paper, wash, rinse, repeat.  We had some success with it a few weeks ago, but it needed to be refreshed since it tends to lose its stickiness over time.  Since we’re having the in-laws over tomorrow for a Labor Day BBQ, naturally this was the perfect time to jazz it up.  ProCRAFTination at its finest!


I had RaptorDad draw a tree outline on it (remember that you’re drawing it in reverse) and then we taped it to the playhouse.  I cut out some leaves and clouds out of felt and let the babies go to town.


They loved it!  I thought about cutting out some more leaves, but then I realized I would just have more to clean up.  lol.  But all in all, I give this one 2 thumbs up!

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