New and Improved Calendar!

RaptorDad decided that if I was going to keep taping calendars to the wall, he was going to find a way to jazz them up a little.  And boy oh boy, he did not disappoint!  I can’t get into the specifics of how he made it other than *he’s magic*!  He used some leftover flooring that we’ve had sitting around for years and I absolutely love how it looks.


Instead of taping the paper squares to the wall, I attached them to the board with ticky tack.  My plan is to move the weeks up every Sunday so that the current week stays on the top as opposed to doing a season at a time like I was doing before.  Hopefully I can keep up with it!  Like I said before, I mainly use it for Kate’s activities because she likes to know what’s coming up.

With that, we are 1 week away from our big eclipse road trip!  I am so excited I almost can’t stand it.  :)  I guess it’s about time to stop obsessively pinning road trip stuff and actually start making some of it.  lol.

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