August Goals

I can’t believe it’s already August!  This summer has flown by!  It seems like Kate just got out of school and now we have Meet the Teacher night tomorrow.  :/  Before I get all weepy on you, let’s take a look at how we did with July’s goals.

  1.  Scrap August of 2016.  Done!  Yay!
  2. 10 current layouts.  I got 5 done which is nothing to sneeze at.  😉
  3. Print September.  Done!
  4. Scrap September.  Also done!  Man, I was on a roll for a while.  :)
  5. January Project Life.  Yeah, here’s where the momentum stopped.  I didn’t even look at PL.
  6. Name vinyl.  Still nada.
  7. Print stickers.  I had mixed results with this.  I was able to print and cut some stickers (which is amazing!) but I haven’t been able to design my own.  I need to get better at photoshop…
  8. Finish crosses in cross stitch.  Done!!!  And I’m making some serious progress on the back stitch.
  9. Stockings.  I focused on the cross stitch, but I’m hoping to pull out the stocking this month.
  10. Steps and water.  This was a giant fail.  Oh well, on to the next month!

Time for August Goals!

  1.  January Project Life.  I have so many gorgeous kits that I want to be using!  Need to buckle down and print pics.  Maybe I’ll send off a big batch of them…  Something to ponder.
  2. February Project Life.  Why not shoot for the moon.  lol.
  3. Cull/ print pics for October 2016.
  4. Scrap October 2016.
  5. Edit/ print pics from San Antonio.
  6. Scrap San Antonio pics!  I’d like to do this while the trip is still fresh in my mind.  :)
  7. Finish Cross Stitch!  That’s right, I’m going to push through and finish this dang thing.
  8. Cut out hexagon templates.  I’m making a quilt y’all.  Or at least that’s the plan!  I was supposed to finish all of my unfinished projects first, but then more projects (stockings ::cough cough::) kept getting added.  lol.  I might throw caution to the wind and let myself start even if the stockings aren’t finished.  My grandmother got me some gorgeous fabric to play with and I can’t wait!
  9. Revamp our lunches!  Kate packs her lunches every day and I’d like to come up with a plan to make them both healthier and more fun.  That goes for the babies and I as well.  I’m afraid Xander’s going to turn in to a peanut butter and honey sandwich if I don’t do something soon.  lol.
  10. Steps/ water.  Time to get back on the bandwagon!
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