Cardiology and Neurosurgery Updates

We went to see the cardiologist yesterday for Mia’s annual check up and everything looks great!  She has a bicuspid aortic valve, but we’ve known about that for a long time.  The important thing is that her heart is functioning 100% normally!  Yay!


We also visited the neurosurgeon this week and received more excellent news!  Mia’s brain MRI showed that her ventricles are stable and have been stable since birth.  What does that mean?  Still no need for a shunt!  We were hoping to be dismissed from neurosurgery (not that I don’t love them, but I’d just as soon not have to see them again.  lol.) but it looks like they want us to come back for one more check up in 2 years.  I can handle that.  My iPhone calendar, not so much.  lol.

In other exciting Mia updates, she is starting to take forward steps if she has something to hold on to!  Her favorite handhold being Daddy’s fingers, but she makes do with mine and Kate’s.  In a pinch, she’ll even use a push toy.  :)  We’re hopeful that she’ll be taking her first steps by the end of the summer!

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