Camp Half-Blood Week 1 Wrap Up and Plans for Week 1.5

Um, longest title ever?  Sorry about that.  So, first up, how did week 1 go???  Did anyone play along?  It went amazingly well here.  Kate loves the workbook and it’s been great at giving her something to do when she’s bored/ we’re in the car.  She had a harder time than expected with the word scramble, but an easier time than expected with the math so it all worked out.

For our food, we’re grilling hamburgers and s’mores tonight as long as the weather cooperates.  We’ve also been eating lots of grapes because Dionysus.  For our craft, I got some lanyard lacing stuff and that’s been a big hit.  It’s challenging for her, but she’s still having fun and is able to work on it independently.  I’m hoping she plays with it all summer.

For our field trip, we went to the Zilker Nature and Science Center and completed one of the Texas Nature Challenges.  You guys!  These are so fun.  And loads of them are free!  I highly recommend them if you live in Texas.  This particular one was a scavenger hunt which was nice since it gave some structure to our visit.  When Kate completed it, she turned it in to the front desk and got to pick a little prize.

nature 3

Next time we come out, I’ll try to bring my real camera and take some decent pics.  Still, if you’re in the area I highly recommend this place.

nature 1

They have a giant sand pit with “dinosaur bones.”  Mia thought that the sand was delicious.  They also have a few rescue animals that you can check out and a cool little stream you can explore if one of your children isn’t an insane wild child.  ::cough cough::   Xander  ::cough cough::

nature 2

And we found that the scenic overlook is the perfect place for a picnic!  Super easy to keep them contained, plus shade.

Wow.  These pics are really terrible.  lol.  I need to up my game for sure.  I kind of can’t believe that I’m posting them.

Next week is Vacation Bible School so I was planning to skip Camp Half-Blood.  However, Kate decided she wanted to do a Make Your Own badge for Girl Scouts on Greek Mythology.  The requirements she came up with are basically to create a week of camp for us.  :)  She’s going to research a god (I think she’s decided on Zeus.)  Plan our cooking lesson.  (She wants to do whipped cream since it looks like clouds.  I might have us make some merengue cookies as well.)  Plan our field trip and plan our craft.  (She’s still working on the field trip, but I think she’s leaning towards some kind of art project with cotton balls.)  And then make a little presentation about the god she’s chosen.  I’m bummed that the Make Your Own badge program is ending!  She’s had a lot of fun coming up with the requirements for the 2 she’s doing.  (The other one she’s doing is about sailing since she’s going to sailing camp this summer.)

Are you attending Camp Half-Blood too?  I’d love to hear about what everyone else is doing.  :)

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