Take the Dang Pictures!

Ok.  I have a really nice camera.  And a really nice lens.  And lately they’ve been capturing more dust than memories.  So you know what?  I took some pictures today.  And no, I didn’t dress the babies up in cute matching outfits and take them to a field of flowers or some picturesque barn.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  I embraced the chaos that is our right now, messy floor, unmatched jammies and all.  And you know what?  I have a feeling that in 10 years I am going to be thrilled to have these pictures.


Here’s the picture that started it all.  I am a sucker for the “baby in the bucket” picture.  The fact that they were surrounded in books made it even better.  So I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic.  But then I thought, wait.  I can do better.  Instead of instagramming that bad boy, I went and dug out my camera and climbed up on the cedar chest that we use for a coffee table and took some pictures.  Xander thought climbing on the cedar chest was a marvelous idea.  Whoops.


Then I just sat on the floor for a while and took pictures.


Some of them are rather extreme close ups because the babies thought my camera was pretty cool, but you know what?  I love them anyway.


Turns out the light in my living room isn’t too crappy in the mornings now that I open the blinds every day. :)


And I finally captured her lone baby tooth!  Side note: it is hard to get a picture of a baby tooth!


My happy girl.  :)  I think I might do this again tomorrow.  But, you know, in matching jammies.  lol.

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