Xander’s First Hair Cut

RaptorDad finally put his foot down and said that Xander’s baby curls mullet had to go by this weekend or he was giving him a buzz cut.  Okay, okay.  I give in.  ::sob::


Xander was not pleased.  The girls at the salon were fantastic, but he just wasn’t having it!  Is it terrible that when I saw this picture later it made me laugh?  He is sooooooooo dramatic.


I sprung for the “first haircut package” because I’m a sucker.  lol.  They’re trying to take a picture for his certificate here and he’s giving them the stink eye.  He looks so handsome and grown up!  Oh man.  I am going to miss his baby curls.

In other news, my allergies are killing me.  The babies have decided that they don’t want to nap at the same time anymore, which is nice in some ways because I get to have some one on one time with them, but has seriously cut into my scrapping time.  And after they go to bed, I cave and take a benadryl which puts me to sleep.  Why did you stop working zyrtec!!!  Why do you hate me nature!!!  lol.  Still, I got a lot done on my stitching projects the first half of the month.  I might even try to take some in progress pictures for my next goals post.

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