American Girl Doll Store Part 3

Y’all.  They have a salon in the store.  Where they do the doll’s hair!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Raptor got her ears pierced for her birthday this year, and she was desperate to get Samantha’s (her American Girl Doll) ears pierced too.  Luckily, being a full service salon, they can make that happen.  I also sprung for a hairdo (I must have “money bags” tattooed across my forehead.  That or “sucker”.)  It was pretty adorable though.  They even put the girls in salon style chairs out in the store so you can watch them do their hair.


I ran out of the white patterned paper, so I went with some red from the same line.  And I used the last scrap of that transparency.  I wish I had bought more of them!


I brought out some twine this time along with the prima flowers.  I have been having so much fun “shopping” my stash.  Y’all, it turns out that I have some pretty cool stuff.  lol.


Field trip bottom line: Will we go back?  Hmm…  My neighbor is already plotting a trip in December, but I think we will have to bow out of that one.  While it was magical, it was also freaking expensive.  I’m really glad we went, but I don’t know that we’ll go again.  We might go back once Mia is Kate’s age so she can have the experience as well, but I seriously can’t see it becoming an annual event.  That said, I *do* recommend going once if it’s close by.  It seriously blew Kate’s mind.  :)

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