American Girl Doll Store Part 2

If you’re not familiar with the American Girl Doll Store, everything there costs approximately 1 million dollars.  When I called to make our lunch reservations, they talked me into booking a birthday celebration.  Which, yes, was super cute and totally worth it, but damn.  Lunch for Kate and I was $60.  Wowsa.  But no lie, it was pretty magical.  The food was actually pretty good, and it included cake and ice cream.  Plus goodie bags, and crowns, and dishes for the dolls.  lol.  I’ll admit it, I had a blast.  I almost wished I had dug out my American Girl doll (OG Kirsten!).


I used a lot of the same supplies on this page, particularly the transparency,  and I like the feeling of continuity it gives the layouts.  I also dug out my old school prima flowers and I was reminded of how much I love them!  I’ve been using them loads since then.  :)


I just added a dot of gold stickles to the middle of the flowers and I love the way it turned out.  Then some Heidi Shine OBV!!!


I love love love this color combo.  Pink and gold are my fav.  I will say that I never thought that this day would come, but I’m almost out of Valentine’s Day paper!  I’m torn between thinking that I need to start following blogs and design teams again to restock my stash and being thrilled that I’m actually using up my stash.  I want to clean out my scrap room and organize it all pretty like a magazine though, so I think I’ll continue trying to burn through my stash so I have less to organize.  Lest you think I’ve curbed my shopping addiction, I am currently getting the Hip Kit Project Life kit every month.  :)  I started getting the Studio Calico one in January and I liked it a lot at first, but it’s kind of fizzled for me lately so I decided to cancel it and sign up for the Hip Kit one.  Totally the right decision.  I <3 <3 <3 it.  It’s pricier, but amazing.  One day I’ll figure how to photograph my Project Life layout without the glare (tips anyone?) and then I’ll put some pics of it on the blog.



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