Scrapping with Frames and Layers

These pictures were just so cute and springy that I couldn’t wait to scrap them.  I think I scrapped them the same week I took them which is saying something around here!  They’ve just been languishing in my to-be-blogged pile, but I’m dealing with the backlog people!

RaptorMama Scrapiness-23

I think if you’ve read the blog for long, you know that I love October Afternoon and I love summery collections.  This one ticked all the boxes.  And as I have it in the same drawer ad the Crate Paper summery line that I bought at the same time, it’s highly likely that there’s some of that mixed in there too.  And I’m pretty sure the frames are from The Pier, my favorite Crate Paper collection ever.  :)

RaptorMama Scrapiness-26

I used the frames to highlight the places where the layers intersected and added some butterflies because butterflies make everything better.

RaptorMama Scrapiness-25

I love that heart paper so much.  I bought a ton and I think I’m out.  Same goes for the yellow sunburst I’m using as the background paper.  Whomp whomp.

RaptorMama Scrapiness-24

And can we talk about gold?  I resisted for so long, but I have finally drunk the koolaid.  In fact, you might say that I’m drunk on the koolaid.  Gold washi and glitter forever!


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