Back on the Project Life Band Wagon!

My first Studio Calico box arrived today and I am in love!  I got the babies down for their naps and dug in.  ::drool::  If every month is as awesome as the 2 I just got, I think keeping up with Project Life just got a lot more likely.  :)

Photo Jan 15, 12 59 28 PM

Of course, right as I got my pictures printed out Xander woke up.  lol.  That’s ok.  I have all weekend to play!  Kate and I are also finishing up our Take Action Project this afternoon.  I ended up fast tracking the last half of our Girl Scout journey so that we could have our culminating garden party this weekend when her cousins are in town.  So looking forward to this!  And I finished my December Daily yesterday!  So much fun stuff to blog about as soon as I find some time to take pictures.  :)

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