Welcome to the Daisy Garden Session 2

We are having so much fun with this Girl Scout journey!  :)  Kate has even been coming up with extra crafts for us to do.  I love that she’s taking some ownership over this.  For our second session, we had a guest speaker.  Mi madre!  My mom has a spectacular garden so while we were over there this weekend she gave Kate a tour and talked to her about the garden in general and garden helpers (bees) specifically.  Session 2 has a helpful bee so it seemed appropriate.  Then we made a bee craft!


We made SWAPs (something with a pin) which apparently is a Girl Scout thing now.  I’d never heard of them, I guess they’re all the rage.  At any rate, I’ve seen loads of cute SWAPs holders on Pinterest.  lol.  I got the idea for these from this blog and they were super easy.  I hot glued 3 yellow pom poms together, then we used a black pipe cleaner to attach it to the safety pin.  We tied on some tule and we were done!  Originally it was supposed to have googly eyes, but I couldn’t find any so I told Kate to just imagine that they had eyes.  lol.

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