Oh letterboxing.  We went once when Kate was 3 or 4 and had a blast, but when I looked in to doing it again there weren’t a ton of boxes in our area so I kind of gave up on the idea.  Well apparently it’s now super popular in our area!  There were 2 letterboxes in the park where we released the tadpoles so we planned on finding them after to soften the blow of making Kate release “her favorite pets!”

What is letterboxing you ask?  It’s like a little scavenger hunt.  You get clues off of a website (here‘s the one we used) and then follow the clues to find a little box.  Inside the box is a log book and a stamp.  You also have a personal log book and stamp.  You put your stamp in their log book and put their stamp in your log book.  Et voila!


We only ended up finding one because it was a bit cold for the babies, but I totally want to start doing this!  It gave us a great reason for a family walk/ hike which is something we’ve been wanting to do anyway.  Plus it’s just fun to collect stamps!


Kate enjoyed looking through the box’s log book to see who had visited in the past.

It turns out that there’s a Brownie badge for letterboxing!  (Which I think explains the increase in boxes.  The girls have to “plant” a box to get the badge.)  Kate’s troop leader saw our letterboxing pics online and asked if I would consider leading the letterboxing badge next year.  Yes please! I had the pinterest board going within 30 seconds.  lol.

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