Tadpole Release

Waaaaaaaay back in October I got suckered into taking some frog eggs.  Raptor’s Girl Scout troop (which is the best troop evah!)  decided to earn one of their petals by rescuing some frog eggs, raising them into frogs, and then releasing them.  For some reason I assumed this would take about 2 weeks.  hahahahahaha.  More like 3 months.  It was pretty cool watching them transform but, no lie, I was ready for them to go.  Despite RaptorDad changing their water on the regular, they stunk.  So when the first of the 4 surviving tadpoles turned in to a froglet, I started planning their release back into the wild.  On Friday, his tail was gone and he tried to hop out of his home.  They were getting the boot.  lol.


What about the other 3 poor tadpoles?  Two had back legs and the buds of front legs.  One was some kind a mutant tiny tadpole that never really developed at all.  We made the executive decision to let them all go at the same time.


Kate was not 100% on board with this plan.  She had gotten a bit attached and wanted to keep them, but one geriatric dog is already bordering on more pet than I can handle so I convinced her that they would be happier in their new home.


Bye bye froggie!  (Don’t worry, the jar was just for transport.  They had a much bigger tub at home.)  We went to a creek that has a shallow bit that I knew Kate would be able to walk out into for the release.  I also figured that shallow water meant less predators?  They didn’t get eaten in front of us so I’m counting that as a win.


Mia was soooooooo over the whole tadpole thing.  She is loving the whole baby wearing thing though.  😉


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