January Goals!

Oh my.  I can’t believe that I didn’t write a single blog post in November or December.  Actually, I can.  😉  The babies haven’t been sleeping great (understatement lol) so we’ve just been on survival mode.  But those of you who have been readers for a while know that I can’t resist a good goals post, especially on New Year’s!  You guys also might remember that I don’t generally do year long goals.  I just find them too ambitious and easy to quit.  Now a month long goal?  Who can’t commit to doing something for 31 days?  (Spoiler alert: me.  lol.  But I’m going to try to do better this year.)  With that in mind, here are my goals for January.  With some cute pics from a little photoshoot I did for our Christmas cards sprinkled in.  Don’t worry, Xander didn’t manage to crawl off the bridge.

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1.  Write Thank You notes.  I’ll actually try to tackle this one this weekend because I hate to have them hanging over my head.  The big question this year is if I can include the babies thank yous in the same note as mine…  (Kate does her own.)
2.  Blog!!!  Oh my.  I realize that this is a goal pretty much every month.  The reason being twofold.  One, I actually enjoy the writing aspect of keeping a blog.  Plus I hope that one day I might have an actual following.  Two, keeping up with the blog forces me to actually do something creative so that I have something to put on the blog!  And my mental health is soooooooo much better when I’m taking regular time to be creative.
3.  Meal Plan/ Grocery Shop.  This should be interesting.  I got a fancy shopping cart cover for Christmas and I was so excited to try it out that I took all 3 kids to the grocery store.  Well, we made it out alive, with groceries even, and Xander only broke one giant glass jar of preserved peppers so I guess I’m counting it as a win.  Still, I think I need to think of some new strategies for next week.  (Ones that don’t involve instacart as tempting as that may be.  lol.)  Suggestions?

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4.  Dinner Prep.  I’d like to start making dinner at least 3 times a week.  The ultimate goal will be to find recipes that I can prep in the morning or during naptime.  So heavy focus on crock pot and things that can be assembled and then baked later.  I got some awesome new baking dishes for Christmas so I feel like this is feasible now.  Trying to cook (or having RaptorDad cook) at 5:00 when RaptorDad gets home is a disaster.  The babies are just d.o.n.e.  I feel like if we can eliminate the need to deal with dinner we can have some quality family time.
5.  Which brings me to goal number 5.  I would like to make a daily walk part of my routine with the babies.  I’m thinking in the morning?  But a family walk might be nice too if I can get the dinner thing situated.  Maybe both!  At a minimum, I want to take the babies for a walk every “work day.”  We went yesterday and today and it was lovely.
6.  On to the crafty goals!   First up is that I want to complete 2015 December Daily.  If you follow me on instagram (did I post this?) you might know that I splurged and ordered 2 back kits from Ali Edwards when they went on super sale.  OMG.  I’ve never had a kit before and I had no idea how much fun they could be!  It actually inspired me to go back and do a December Daily for 2014.  I think I’ll blog it this month.  Also, I’m considering buying a Project Life kit or 2 with some of my Christmas money.  I’m currently trying to decide between the Studio Calico one and the Hip Kit one…

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7. Speaking of Project Life, I want to do 6 layouts.  3 from January 2016 and 3 as a catch up for 2015.  What about 2014 you ask?  Blah.  It’s digital and I’m over it.  I have the notes and I’m sure I’ll go back and do it eventually, but Photoshop and I are not currently on speaking terms after a bit of a failed Christmas present.
8. Scrapbook December 2014.  If I can knock this out, I’ll be done with another album!  I love finishing up a whole album.  :)
9. Scrapbook current layouts.  I like to at least try to do some layouts in the moment before I forget the details!  So I’d like to knock out a few from this fall even as I work on bridging the gap to the babies’ births.
10. Take (and edit!) pics of the babies at least once a week with my “real” camera.

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