Xander and Neurosurgery Update

We’re in the clear for at least 3 more months!  Mia’s Dr said he wasn’t going to base his decision only on the numbers on the scan and that clinically she looked great.  What a huge relief!  Now we just need to get through her ENT appointment (which I’m fu-reaking out about) and we’ll be good for at least a few months.  I hope.

Xander is doing great too!  He’s quite the little roly poly!  He actually rolled over in his swing last night so it looks like we’ll me transitioning him to his crib.  Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.  The past 2 days where he only woke up once in the middle of the night have been a blissful interlude that I will cherish forever. lol.


Xander had a great time at the Children’s Museum with Kate while Mia snoozed.  :)


Enjoying his mom-sickle!  We just freeze some expressed milk in some little silicon trays from Ikea and then pop them into these mesh feeders.  They’re a huge hit around here and we love that the babies can participate in dinner.  :)

Wow.  Looking at these makes me realize that I need to be better about using my big camera!  I love my iPhone, but these leave a little something to be desired.

I’ve actually been scrapping a bit lately!  In fact I’m now caught up through the end of November 2014!  I can’t wait to finish 2014 all together.  :)  I’ve also been powering through 2015 Project Life.  I did 3 spreads today.  :)  Never mind that I’m still in June.  That’s some serious progress.  Is that something y’all would like to see?

RaptorMama Scrapbooking-2-2

Here’s a recent layout; the companion to the one I posted last week.  It was super hot at the park, but Kate had fun and the babies tolerated it.  More stenciling and doilies.  And I’ve been hoarding the flair badges, but I couldn’t resist using them on this page.  :)


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