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I had a really hard time deciding on Godparents for the twins.  At first, I wanted there to be no overlap between any of the kids’ Godparents.  The problem is that we just don’t have that many Catholics to choose from.  lol.  In the end, I decided that some overlap was fine, so my sister is Godmother to all 3 of my kids.  My uncle is Raptor’s Godfather and my brother-in-law is the twins’ Godfather.  I was so hung up on trying to give them all individual ones, but in the end, I knew my sister and her husband were the best choice even if it meant not spreading it around.

They hosted a brunch for our families after the actual baptism and I got this awesome picture of them holding the babies in their blankets.  I would have liked to have had one with the babies in their christening gowns, but I was not super happy with the gown we ended up with for Xander so I changed them for the party.  Mia wore Kate’s absolutely gorgeous (and ridiculously expensive) duponi silk gown.  It was enormous on her.  lol.  Poor Xander.  We were given Kate’s as a gift and buying a comparable one for him was just not in the budget.  Plus, I went to the mall closest to us instead of the fancy mall downtown and there were basically no choices even if I had wanted to buy one.  I still kind of wish I had made a trip to the other mall, but the babies were insane even on the short trip to the close mall, I can’t imagine if we’d have added another 45 minutes in the car.  lol.  In the end, they got baptized and that’s all that really matters.  :)

baptismI started off with this, but it seemed like it needed more of a title.

baptism-2So I added the black thickers, changed the paper clips to black, and added some washi to try and balance it out.  I’m still a little iffy on it, but I love the hearts in the background so I decided to post it anyway.  I made them with some spray mist and a stencil.  Also notice that I’m unapologetically using a Valentine’s Day line and it’s not February.  I love this line and I use it all the time.  :)  Sadly I’m almost out!  I’m keeping my eyes peeled for another awesome line.



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