Teething Necklaces

I love the cute little amber teething necklaces.  They’re not meant for babies to chew on.  Supposedly the amber warms against their skin and releases something that helps with pain.   I don’t know if they actually work or not, but I know that with Raptor it helped me deal with teething frustration just because it’s so darn adorable that it would distract me from her crankiness.  Plus, they’re like the bat signal for crunchy moms.  If I see a mom with an amber clad baby at the park, I know there’s a decent chance that she’s going to be cool.  At the very least, she’s unlikely to care if I’m nursing my kiddos sans cover.  We got ours as a gift, but here’s a link to some if you want to check them out.  I recommend it.  The cute factor is ridic.

RaptorDad hates them.  Like seriously hates them.  He’s not a fan of pseudoscience.  See exhibit A.

teething necklacesThis is the first time I tried on the babies’ necklaces.  His expression cracks me up!

I love this layout.  I’ve been having so much fun with the stencils!  And the doilies.  And the paperclips.  And…  Well, I’ve just been having fun lately.  :)


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