On Torticollis and Bathtime

Slowly but surely I’m working my way through the babies’ first month.  Today is their first bath!

first bathWith boy/ girl twins, I’m trying to keep the layouts from being too girly, but it’s no secret that I love pink.  :)  And that I love gel medium and stencils!

first bath-2Also?  I addicted to the gold color shine!  I’m pretty sure this one is the color I have.  I love it!  I just want to swim around in it.  :)  I’m considering ordering about 20 more colors of it.  :)

In more current news, we had Xander evaluated for ECI services today and he did qualify.  He has torticollis which basically means his neck muscles are stiff.  Imagine when you sleep funny and you wake up and can’t turn your head because your neck is stiff.  Now imagine that you slept like that for 9 months.  lol.  I wasn’t sure if he would qualify but I’m happy that he did.  Our 3 month goals include tripod sitting and having him turn his head to bat at toys in all directions.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love ECI?

And goals for August.  Hmm…  Really should get on that.  How about…

  1. Scrapbook October 2014
  2. Scrapbook December 2014 (November is already done!)
  3. Scrapbook April 2015 (Only 1 layout to go!)
  4. Do some current layouts
  5. Get back on the Project Life bandwagon
  6. Blog!
  7. Work out 5 days a week
  8. Register for Buddy Walk
  9. Video of Interview Book
  10. Frame DAD pics



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