Nursing at Deep Eddy

So this happened.

File Aug 03, 9 59 54 AM

I was pretty sure I was going to be rocking ye olde iPhone 5, but RaptorDad is awesome and took it in to get the glass replaced on Friday.  Even better, the machine that replaces the glass was broken so I got a whole new phone!  Now I just need to accept the fact that I have to get a case.  Suggestions?  I’m considering this one but maybe the glitter is too much?

Sorry no post on Friday.  We were just too busy!  My cousins were in town and we went down to Deep Eddy to go swimming.  I <3 Deep Eddy and I’m glad we went, but it was just a teeny bit crazy with the babies.  Thankfully I had lots of help.  :)

File Aug 03, 9 53 35 AM

I managed a bit of a contortion act and got this awesome selfie of me feeding Mia.  I’ve long wanted a flattering pic of me nursing, and I think I finally succeeded!  I love that it’s not too in your face, and I love that you can see the pool in the background.  Mostly I love that it shows how far Mia and I have come in our breastfeeding relationship!  :)  Of course I had to scrap it right away.


I have more pictures to scrap from Friday, but I wanted to do this one separate so I could journal about breastfeeding twins.  I’m trying to do some more very current layouts so I can do more in the moment journaling.  I want to get the details down while I remember them!  It was a pretty quick layout to pull together which was good.  I’m trying to do a mix of throw down layouts so I don’t get behind and artsy layouts so I feed my creative side.  It’s a work in progress.  :)

I am addicted to these mini doilies!  I just ordered some new pink ones.  :)

I’m still figuring out my goals for August.  Look for that tomorrow or Wednesday. :)

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