ENT Referral and Twin Smiles

Mia has been making this weird noise pretty much since she was born.  I’ve tried to describe it to the various medical professionals, but the little stinker has yet to make it in one of their presences.  Her speech therapist suggested that I try to tape it and I finally succeeded this weekend.  I texted her the video, she agreed that it was odd, and suggested that I send it to Mia’s pediatrician.  I don’t really have a way to do that, so I just added an appointment for her when I scheduled Xander’s weight check.

Their weights were great!  Mia was 9 pounds 1 ounce and Xander was a whopping 10 pounds!  For the first time, their dr actually seemed satisfied with their weight gain.  :)  Mia earned herself a referral to a pediatric ENT to check out the weird noise.  BINGO!  Dr said we were going to have to go anyway to get her hearing rechecked at 6 months so we might as well just go a little early.  He said he doesn’t like to mess around with potential airway issues.  He said some other stuff too, but I’m pretty sure that my eyes just glazed over while my inner 4 year had a tantrum at the thought of yet another specialist visit.  Now putting head firmly in the sand until the visit.  Just say no to Dr Google!

File Jul 28, 7 44 13 PM

One of the great things about living where we do is that we’re so close to my parents.  We stopped by for a bit on the way to the appointment and I got this adorable pic of my dad holding both babies.  I think this is the first time I have photographic evidence of a Mia smile!  I was so excited about it that I broke through my mental block against scrapping at night and made a page!

File Jul 29, 10 25 45 AMPretty simple page, but I like it.  :)  I think one of my August goal’s might be to try and scrapbook in the now.  Thoughts?


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