Better Late Than Never, Right?

DAD Pics-2I take pictures of Kate every year with these cardboard letters that spell out DAD.  Then I print them off as 5x7s and put them in a triptych frame from Ikea.  At least that’s the plan.  Let’s not talk about the fact that last year’s pictures are still on my computer, m’kay?

Usually I try to find a fun location, these under a bridge being my favorite, but since the babies can’t sit up yet I figured we were limited to the grass.  Since my mom has a much nicer yard than me, I was planning on taking them there, but I kept putting them off.  First it was just too wet.  Have I mentioned that I contemplated building an ark in June?  Then my mom was out of town.  Then…  well, you get the idea.  Finally I woke up one morning and realized that these pictures weren’t going to take themselves!  And for that matter, our grass might not lush, but it’s green and this year that’s good enough.  😉

DAD Pics-3

I tried to get a shot of all 3 kids, but Kate acted like laying in the grass was tantamount to laying on a bed of nails, so those shots didn’t turn out so well.  I think this one of her up against the fence is pretty cute though.  And it gives a bit of contrast to the pictures of the babies.

DAD PicsI initially wanted a pic of all 3 kids, and then either one of each baby or 2 of the babies together, but Kate was super offended by that idea.  lol.  Next year, maybe I’ll do DADDY so I can include more pictures. 😉


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