DIY Flair Badges

Get excited.  I found a new youtube channel and I’m obsessed.  This girl is awesome and she has me all inspired to try new things.  I’m even considering trying some mixed media stuff since it looks so awesome when she does it.  :)  First up though are DIY flair badges.  Check out her tutorial.

As soon as I saw it, I ordered all of the supplies from Amazon.

flair badges RaptorMamaThey were so easy to make!

flair badges RaptorMama-3I punched circles and scalloped circles out of scraps of paper.  Which, by the way, is awesome since I have a ridiculous amount of scraps just sitting on my desk.

flair badges RaptorMama-2Speaking of stuff just sitting out on my desk, Adele has inspired me to start using my tiny word stickers too.  Usually they just sit and gather dust after I’ve used everything else up on a sticker sheet, but no more!

flair badges RaptorMama-4Here’s an assembled one before adding the epoxy circle.

flair badges RaptorMama-5Raptor got in on the action.  She loved punching stuff!  And hers actually turned out cooler than mine.

flair badges RaptorMama-6


This bird one is my fav.  She’s such a sweetheart that she offered it to me and I almost took her up on it!  It’s just so cute!  I encouraged her to put it in her scrapbook instead so she did.  :)

flair badges RaptorMama-7This was a super fun, super easy, kid friendly project!  Here’s some of my finished flairs.  They’re totally addictive!  Check back next week and I’ll post a layout where I used some of them.  :)







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