Weight Check Update and Valentine’s Day Pictures!

Mia had another weight check on Wednesday and she had only gained 6 ounces in the past 12 days which puts her at 6 lbs 12 oz.  :(  She’s supposed to gain .5-1 ounce a day, but they really want it closer to an ounce a day so her pediatrician isn’t too pleased.  ::sigh::  She can’t help it if she’s just a little peanut!  Her 2 month visit is in 9 days, so they’re letting us wait until then for the next weigh in.  Dance movies have taught me that I should just stuff a roll of quarters in her diaper, but sadly they weigh her naked so that’s not an option, lol.

Current plan is to give her a bottle of pumped breast milk after each feed to see if that helps.  Historically, Mia just lets that dribble out the side of her mouth since she filled up at the breast, but we’ll give it another try.  It’s frustrating since it seems like we were just able to ditch the bottles, but I know that plenty of kids with Down syndrome end up with a feeding tube so I’m just going to count my blessings that we’re able to just nurse most of the time.  It is going to cut into the awesome freezer stash I’ve been building, but what are ya gonna do.

Oh, and the little stinker decided to eat in the exam room right after they weighed her.  I halfheartedly suggested that the nurse weigh her again, but she wasn’t having it.  She did say that Mia had a beautiful latch and that she could see that she was eating great.  When Mia was done, I showed her that I could still squirt milk across the room so she wouldn’t worry about my supply.  She had been skeptical when I told her that Mia didn’t eat from both breasts at each feeding since I assigned each twin a boob of the day.

If you made it through that, here’s a crafty reward.  It’s another older layout; I found it going through pictures for Project Life.

v-day layoutPicture credit goes to Happy Soul Photography.  Super cute pics!

Time for a project update!  I’m currently working on Week 7 in 2014 Project Life.  I use the term working loosely, lol.  Mainly I’m ignoring it because I’m sick of making digital layouts.

I’m on Week 10 in 2015 Project Life.  I actually have some hope of catching up on this one.

I’m currently working on May 2014 in the big scrapbook, but I’m also doing some current layouts just because I want to scrap pics of the babies.  Once I get through August, there actually won’t be that many layouts in each month due to a combo of me being pregnant and working full time, and Kate starting kindergarten.  The picture taking has picked back up now that we’re all at home again!  :)  I’d really love to get May, and optimistically June, of 2014 done this month but that might be a pipe dream, lol.


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  1. Doris Jablonski says:

    I had a baby girl who was a little peanut also and she did okay.

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