Genetics are in…

…and Mia apparently has the rarest form of Down syndrome: Robertsonian Down syndrome.  From what I can tell, this means that she has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome stuck to one of her 21st chromosomes.  So she still has 3 copies, 2 are just stuck together instead of them being 3 in a row.  My understanding is that this has no impact on anything, but it is interesting.  I kind of want to do that 23 and Me DNA mapping on her just to see what it looks like.  We’ll see.  It’s kind of pricey.

And here’s the first (of many) baby layouts!

layouts-2Most of it is from the Jillibean Soup Cool as a Cucumber Soup line.  I lurve it.  :)

layouts-3I tried my hand at a layered border and I really like how it turned out.  :)



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