Carseat Covers

I finished them!  I used this tutorial and it’s great so I didn’t feel compelled to reinvent the wheel.  :)

Photo Mar 17, 10 09 28 AMThe main change I made was to use the same fabric for all of it instead of trying to find coordinating fabrics for the outer, inner, and handle.  I had a hard enough time picking coordinating fabrics for Baby Girl and Baby Boy!  Not to mention, I could feel my feet started to swell while I hemmed and hawed in the fabric section of Joannes.

Photo Mar 18, 4 35 33 PM

Here’s Baby Boy’s!  Incidentally, we’ve reached the point in the pregnancy where we’re doing phone photos.  #SorryNotSorry

Photo Mar 18, 4 54 43 PM

And here’s Baby Girl’s!  I’m really proud of how these turned out.  And it only took 2 days which is pretty good considering my lack of sewing skills.  lol.

Speaking of the babies, Baby A is a stinker and has decided to flip around into the breech position.  What does this mean?  It means we now have a c-section scheduled for April 8th.  Y’all, that’s less than 3 weeks away!  Eeep!  Time to prioritize a few last minute projects while making sure to take lots of put-your-feet-up breaks to avoid the dreaded bed rest.

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