Burp Rag Tutorial

Before Raptor was born, I added patterned rick rack to a bunch of gerber prefolds to use as burp rags.  It was super cute and it only took a few minutes.  Why not just use these same ones for the twins?  Well, because they are a little worse for wear.  lol.  We use them all the time to dry dishes, clean up spills, and more.  Have I mentioned that we don’t use paper towels?

My initial plan was just to make some new ones with the same patterned rick rack.  A few problems soon became apparent.  First, despite buying premium prefolds again, they were super rough and scratchy this time.  I guess I got organic ones last time?  Or maybe a different brand?  Second, I kind of wanted a way to distinguish between baby burp rags and kitchen burp rags.  Third?  I can’t find the damn rick rack.  lol.  Time for plan B.  lol.

burp rags-4

I was playing around on Pinterest, and I found this tutorial.  Perfection.  And goodness knows I have plenty of flannel laying around.  It was super easy.  I was able to do all 9 in 1 day.  First I cut out the flannel using the rotary cutter.  I just measured the center of the burp rag and added about an inch.  Sorry, no pics of that step.  I was working with limited time first thing in the morning.

burp rags


Then I *gasp* ironed the seams.  I know, I know.  I was scared of the iron too, but it was really no big deal and it did make the rest of the project easier.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to go crazy and start ironing clothes or anything.  lol.

burp rags-2


Here you can see that I just went around and ironed about a half inch on each side.  burp rags-3Then I just pinned the flannel to the center of the diapers.  I ended up getting the Gerber prefolds since that’s what they had at Target and they’re, well, far from perfectly stitched.  lol.  Good news is that it took the pressure off of me a bit with the stitching since no amount of pinning was going to make them perfect rectangles.  lol.

burp rags-5


Then I just went around the edges with the zig zag stitch.  Easy peezy.  :)

burp rags-6You can see that the stitching isn’t perfect, but I’m currently embracing imperfections.  After all, a baby is just going to throw up on it.  lol.  Overall, I’m super happy with how these turned out.  The flannel is nice and soft which is awesome considering how rough the diapers themselves were.  Plus, I can easily tell these apart from our kitchen rags.  Bonus?  Super cute.  I think I might add these to my baby shower gift idea list.  :)



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