I suggested several super cute, crafty valentine’s from Pinterest, but Raptor wasn’t having it.  RaptorDad suggested Star Wars and she was sold.  I found this image on Pinterest, and he added the text and then printed them out.  Raptor signed the back, I popped a little storm trooper in each bag, and stapled them to the top.  Easy Peasy.

Photo Feb 12, 2 20 38 PMAlthough a far cry from some of my previous valentines, the homemade playdoh ones and the heart crayon ones come to mind, Raptor is quite happy with them so I’m happy too.  I even let her make her own Valentine’s Day box y’all.  I seriously wanted to take over and make it a scrappy masterpiece, but I restrained myself.  I want her to get used to doing her own projects while she still enjoys them.  This mama will not be doing her 6th grader’s homework.  lol.

In other news, I narrowed down the 2013 October layout to do list from 21 layouts to 11.  Still, 11!  Maybe Raptor and I will get in some quality time this weekend in the scrap room.  All of the pics are edited and printed and ready to go.  I’m also thinking of making another order with  I have my eye on the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection.  I’m sure I’ll find loads of other stuff to throw in my cart too.  :)


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