2014 Project Life Week 3

Slowly but surely I’m plugging away on 2014.  :)  I will say that it is interesting to be doing 2015 and 2014 at the same time.  Oh how our lives have changed in a year!

Week 3 AI used mainly the Becky Higgins Girl cards for this one.  And I finally got my calendar cards!  They’re not still listed in the shop, but I emailed them and they got right back to me.  :)  I added the hearts to have some continuity with 2013’s Project Life.

Week 3 BKeeping it simple because, duh, I’m a year behind.  lol.  I might try and knock out another of these today.  It’s kind of gross outside so we’re just doing family art projects.  We threw some french curves (drafting supplies) at Raptor and she’s having a blast.

And I just realized this will go live the first week of February!  Let’s see how I did with the January goals shall we?

1. Project Life 2014 (3/5) Still need to do 2 more, but hey, 3 is more than I had at the start of the month!
2. Create a dedicated space for Project Life
3. Project Life 2015 (3/3)
4. Raptor’s Scrapbook Catchup (4/4)
5. Buy new planner binder
6. Design new planner pages – I have a few in mind, but I just haven’t gotten around to doing them.
7. Assemble new planner
8. Finish scarf
9. Work on twin blankets I finished Baby Boy’s!  Now just need to get Baby Girls’s done.  :)
10. Finish felt letters – I have got to carve out some time for these!
11. Cut flannel
12. Buy burp rags
13. Blog! (15/15)
ETA 14. Finish June 2013 (9/9)

And I’ve done 55 layouts!  Holy cow.  If I can keep up anything near this pace, I might actually stand a chance of getting caught up.  :)

Now, how about some February goals?

  1. Baby Girl’s blanket
  2. Finish felt letters!
  3. 2014 Project Life (0/5)
  4. 2015 Project Life (0/4)
  5. Add trim to burp rags
  6. Fraycheck wipes
  7. Scrap September 2013
  8. Scrap October 2013
  9. Scrap November 2013
  10. Scrap December 2013
  11. Blog! (0/12)

I’m not sure at all that I can even come close to getting all of that scrapping done, but I would sure love to finish up 2013 and be “only” a year behind.  :)  I plan on cutting down on the number of layouts in October and December by a lot since I already have October Daily and December Daily done for that year.  We’ll see how successful I am with that.  lol.

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