Week Three Project Life

3 weeks in and I’m still loving this project!

IMG_2389We won’t be sharing the babies’ names before their arrival so I’ve blurred out the options on this card.  :)  Most of the cards this week are still coming from the Kraft Edition, with one coming from the Baby Boy Edition.  I also added some wood veneers and label stickers this week.



And how did I do on my mini-goals?

  1. Baby Boy’s Blanket- I made some progress, but didn’t finish.  Hopefully this week!
  2. Storage system for the nursery (hello Ikea!) – Once again, made some progress, but need to roll this one over.
  3. 2015 Week 3 PL – Done!
  4. 2014 Week 3 PL – Um…  I started it?
  5. Start Finish book club book by Thursday – Done!
  6. Figure out carseats – nope.
  7. Design layout tracker – nope
  8. Pick another month to scrap and finish it – I have all of the pics printed for August and I’m about 1/2 done.
  9. Work on wipes – I got them all serged!  Now I just need to find the fraycheck and finish them off.
  10. Make spreadsheet for borrowed baby stuff – nope.

Raptor developed a nasty ear infection this weekend so some of the crafty projects got put on hold.  Hoping for a productive week this time.

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