2015 Project Life Week 2!

It’s a New Year’s miracle!  I’ve managed to keep up with Project Life for 2 weeks.  :)  I think it might be a new record.

PL Week 2 blogI’m still using mostly the Kraft Edition, but this week we had some baby news so I threw in a card from the Baby Girl Edition.  The Kraft is more cream based and the Baby Girl is more white based, but honestly, things like that don’t bother me in Project Life.  You’ll notice that most of these pics are phone photos so they’re not fantastic.  Once again, not bothered by that for Project Life.  lol.  When I’ve looked back at past Project Life albums, I love that they include all of the random one-off phone photos that don’t make it anywhere else.  Like the gas pic.  Hello!  Gas was under $2 a gallon!  Definitely something to remember.  :)  The only things I added were a few thickers for the “Week Two” on the title card, and I added the text for the belly pic before I printed it.  Keeping it super simple this week.

PL Week 2 BI did a bit more blurring this week because it included my baby sister’s bachelorette weekend.  I will say, it was by far the classiest bachelorette party I’ve been to, but it did still include a rather naughty cake.  :)  I also blurred out something from work and a bit of the identifying info from Raptor’s report card.  I’m always nosy and want to know what other people have blurred so there you go.  I’m still so loving this project!  :)



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