2014 Project Life Week 1

Let the slow process of catching up begin.  :)

Week 1 AProcess is pretty much the same for this year as last year.  I’m still using an assortment of cards (these are from the Becky Higgins winter collection) but focusing on the photos.  I am changing the fonts that I used so that the look of the book was at least a little different.

Week 1BI’m also looking for a new calendar card.  I found one I loved on Pinterest, but of course it’s not listed in the shop anymore (because, duh, I’m a year behind).  I’ve emailed them, but with it being Christmas and all, I’m sure they’re taking a well deserved break.  If I hear back from them, I plan on buying the calendar cards and just dropping it in that blank spot.  If not, I guess it’s back to the hunt for a perfect card!  :)



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