Decorating 360 Trees!

In Austin, there’s a busy road where people (against all reason) park on the shoulder and basically climb a cliff (I might be exaggerating slightly) to decorate cedar trees (which everyone is allergic to).  It’s awesome!  And I have wanted to do it for basically my whole life.  This year?  Mission accomplished.

360 tree-11We met some friends, armed with cheap tree decorations, and let the kids go to town.

360 tree-2It really was a ton of fun.

360 tree-9We had to hunt around a bit for a tree.  If we do this again, I’ll go earlier in December.

360 treeOf course, being surrounded by other brightly decorated trees sure made for some cute pics.  :)

360 tree-8And some sassiness at my insistence that a certain Raptor let me take her picture.  All in all, I’m calling this one a success, though given the crazy traffic I wouldn’t recommend it for littles.  If we do this next year, I’m pretty sure I’ll be leaving the WonderTwins at home.  :)

And yes, we will be going back after Christmas to clean up after ourselves.






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  1. Heather says:

    Love the pics :) I hope I can decorate a 360 tree next year!

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