Shaving Cream

Raptor thought this was just about the coolest thing ever.  I gave her a can of shaving cream and she went to town playing with it in her water table.


IMG_8704Have you ever played with a can of shaving cream?  It just feels neat!

IMG_8729We were having so much fun (and it was so hot) that we decided to fill up her baby pool too.

IMG_8752RaptorDad gave her a shaving cream hat.  lol.

IMG_8753Incidentally, I have a little summer time photo tip.  Baby pools make great colorful backgrounds!

IMG_8794That sounds so dumb, but I love the way she “pops” against the blue pool.

IMG_8775And this one?  Love.  I *may* have skipped ahead (by 24 weeks) and created a title card for my 2014 week 23 Project Life spread using this picture.

TL;DR?  Go to the dollar store and buy a can of shaving cream.  Your kids will love it.  :)







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