Letter a Week Recap

All right sports fans, it’s summertime!  That means that Raptor is out of school for the next couple of months and I need to amuse her.  What does this mean for you guys?  Mainly that I’m planning on bringing back the Letter a Week fun!  First I thought I’d recap some of our previous letters.  (Click on the links for the full posts with more activities.)

We did A is for Apples which included some new lacing cards and this transfer work.

IMG_7547Next up was B is for Bumblebee in which we explored a honey comb and did lots of bee crafts.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-10C is for Caterpillar though we also played with some butterflies.  (Hey, caterpillars turn into butterflies, it totally works.)  We did a lot of fun The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities and made these cool number butterflies.  

Raptormama C is for Caterpillar_-2D is for Dinosaur!  Raptor was begging for worksheets so I found some neat ones online.  We also did some sorting and classification activities.



E is for Elephant!  This one was tricky because everything I found was elephants and peanuts.  Since E is allergic to peanuts, I didn’t want to present them as a plaything.  We went with umbrellas instead.  :)



F is for frogs.  I found these awesome multicolored frogs at the teacher store.  We did some color theory and some basic phonics work.  Plus math!  Raptor loves math.

F is for Frog - RaptorMama-4


G is for Garden.  More math and more crafts.

G is for Garden- RaptorMama-3H is for Heart!  I’m a big fan of repurposing stuff so I busted out all of our Valentine’s Day stuff.  The girls loved it.



I is for Ice!  It’s so hot here in the summer and we had lots of fun playing with the ice outside.  Among the activities were some dinosaur ice excavations and more phonics work.

I is for Ice RaptorMamaYou’ve probably noticed by now that these aren’t actually letter activities.  Raptor and I just like to play with a theme.  I’m almost done with an awesome J is for Jungle unit, just in time since this is Raptor’s first week of summer vacation!  Hopefully I’ll get it up next week.  :)






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