October Daily Part 1

I finally finished!  This book took forever this year, but I’m glad that I pushed through and finished.  I’m breaking it up into 3 posts, with 10 days each.

IMG_5164For this book, each day has 1 6×6 page, front and back.  Some days I had more pictures so I added additional inserts.  These were all smaller than 6×6 so that it was easier to tell when one day ended and another began.  Most of the supplies are Apothecary from 2012 and 2013.  There’s also a bit of October Afternoon 2012.  If you have any specific questions about supplies or anything else, leave a comment and I’ll answer.  :)

IMG_5113I put stickles in the middle of the flowers instead of messing with brads.  Since I just use the back of the double sided paper for the next page, I don’t like to use brads.

IMG_5114Here you can see, I had a longer journaling story so I added an insert.

IMG_5115Loved writing directly on the photo.  I think I want to do this more.  I also loved “coloring” the wood veneers with the stickles.

IMG_5116We had so much fun at the Children’s Museum that I added 2 inserts.  :)

IMG_5118Love the star border punch.

IMG_5119I wish I had more of this spider web transparency!  I had one 6×6 piece left over from last year’s October Daily.

IMG_5120Note to self:  Next time buy more than 1 sheet.

IMG_5122You do have to be mindful of covering the backs of the photos.

IMG_5123Bad phone pic, but I just love that I have a pic of Raptor scrapping with me.  :)

IMG_5124Another insert.  I found a haunted gingerbread kit at Joannes.

IMG_5125Playing with shaving cream in the water table.  Why yes, we do live in Texas.  :)

IMG_5126I didn’t have a pic for this day, so I took a screen shot of a facebook thread.  I like to occasionally include things like this because I think it’ll be neat for Raptor to see what technology was like back in the day.

IMG_5128Another day I didn’t have a pic for, so I snapped a pic of this DVD case after the fact.  We had been avoiding Princess movies, so it was a bit of a big deal when we finally caved.

IMG_5129Here’s a pic of Raptor getting her first eye exam!  We were waiting for her eyes to dilate so I snapped a quick phone pic.  I also colored some more wood veneers with stickles.

IMG_5131I’ll post days 11-20 on Wednesday!  :)

















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