Christmas Decor

I got out a few boxes of Christmas decorations this weekend and started decorating!


We don’t have a mantle, so I used whatever surfaces I could find.  :)  I put our pepermint topiearies from last year on Kate’s toy cabinet and hung our advent calendar above it.


I need to go through and add the cards that say what we’ll do each day, but I’m still loving it.

Decor-3I put our nativity set on top of the piano.  I actually like it a lot here.  Before I had it on one of our built in book shelves and it seemed pretty cramped.  Here there’s more room to spread out.  I have Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus elevated on a Melissa and Doug food crate so they weren’t blocked by the music stand.  I have plans to cover the crate with some burlap or something.  You know, someday.  lol.



I still like the card wreath, at least for now.  I’m thinking I’ll remake it at some point with something other than a clothes hanger.  It doesn’t stay as a perfect circle…  Still, I love the concept.

If the weather isn’t terrible, we have plans to go cut down a Christmas tree this weekend!  Our stockings are in with our ornaments.  :)




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