Blogger Fail

Man, I have really fallen down on the blogging lately.  Sorry!  I’ve just been reading a ton lately and not crafting very much.  I’m hoping that once we hit December I’ll be more in the crafting mood.  :)  I am woefully behind on Project Life, but I have been keeping up with the planning sheets so hopefully I can get some inspiration (and some time) and catch up a bit.  I’ve edited/ printed about half of the pics I need for October Daily and I have about 1/3 of it done.  I should probably try to crank it out before December gets here and I start on December Daily.  lol.

Today though, I’m having a pajama day with Raptor.  We’ve danced around the house singing the Fox song at the top of our lungs, done a few art projects, and now we’re playing with playdoh.  Sometimes we just need a chill day where we don’t do anything.  Not very often, but every once in a while.  :)

And since I have to have some kind of a picture, here’s the (slightly overboard) fruit tray that I made for Raptor’s preschool Thanksgiving party.  You could also use marshmallows for the clouds, but I rather like how the banana turned out.  :)

Photo Nov 19, 10 35 34 AM

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