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Last year I did the Facebook thing where you list one thing that your thankful for every day.  I liked that it made me think about what I’m grateful for and I wanted to try something similar with Raptor.  I found some foam leaves at Michael’s that were perfect.  Every day Raptor comes up with one thing that she’s grateful for and I write it on the leaf for her.  Then I staple it to a ribbon that I have strung across her play house.  Initially, I had intended for it to be a banner across the archway separating out living and dining rooms (in this spot) but I need to buy a longer ribbon.  lol.

leavesThe dark glittery leaves are harder to write on, but since she’s not reading yet I don’t think it  matters so much.  The bigger point I was trying to make was for her to think of something every day.  :)

leaves-2So far, every single day she’s been thankful for a person in her life.  <3

Let’s see how I did with my September/ October Goals…

1. Finish Scrapping January 2013 (6/6)
2. Finish Scrapping February 2013 (10/10)
3. Finish Scrapping March 2013 (5/23)
4. October Daily (7/31)
5. Make Raptor’s Costume
6. BOO Letters
7. Halloween wreath
8. Decorate for Halloween
9. Week 19 Project Life
10. Week 20 Project Life
11. Week 21 Project Life
12. Week 22 Project Life
13. Week 23 Project Life
14. Week 24 Project Life
15. Week 25 Project Life
16. Week 26 Project Life
17. Week 27 Project Life
18. Week 28 Project Life
19. Week 29 Project Life
20. Edit July/ August/ September Photos
21. Order prints
22. Find cardstock to finish School Album (4/6)
23. Finish School Album
24. Create Art Space for Raptor
25. Clean/ Organize Studio

Wow.  If anything I got more behind.  I’m going to roll some of these over, delete some, and add some new ones.  We’re hosting Christmas this year for my ILs so I’m putting some Christmas stuff on there even it’s still November.  Here’s hoping I’m a bit more productive this month!



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