Purple Sparkly Witch!

Raptor wanted to be a purple sparkly witch for Halloween this year which basically meant that she wanted to be a princess and we had to find a compromise.  😉  I made her costume this year (sans pattern because I actually have no idea how to sew on anything except for a scrapbook layout) and I think it turned out pretty awesome.  Just remember that a cape can hide a multitude of sewing sins.  :)


We went out to (another) pumpkin patch this morning to take some pictures.

IMG_3199RaptorDad thought that our little witch needed a rocket powered broom.  I couldn’t agree more.  This one includes a glowing crystal ball headlight.  :)

IMG_3196This one’s a bit out of focus, but I was dying because it looked like she was actually flying!  Totally unintentional, but totally awesome.  Also, I’ll never be able to replicate it.





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