October Daily Day 1

It time for October Daily!!!  And RaptorDad surprised us with a new photo printer!  <3

I scored a free 6×6 Halloween paper pad at Archivers so I decided to let Raptor make an October Daily of her own.  She usually just scraps with my leftovers, but words cannot express how thrilled she was to have brand new supplies of her own.  :)

IMG_2270I did the writing for her, but the design is pure Raptor.

IMG_2273Here’s the backside.  She really wanted this little witch to have a purple hat.  :)  I love crafting with her.

IMG_2274Here’s the front of my Day 1.  I’m using an Apothecary 6×6 pad for the base.

IMG_2275Here’s the back of Day 1.  Each day will be 1 front and back piece of paper 6×6 paper.  I’ll add in additional pages as needed.

IMG_2277Here you can see the smaller page I added because I wanted to write more.  It’s roughly 4×6.

IMG_2278And here’s the backside of page 1.5 with the back of page 1 peeking through.  One of my favorite things about minibooks is playing with different sized sheets of paper and transparencies.  I’ll probably finish this sometime mid November, just in time to get started on December Daily!







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