I is for Ice

This week I have fewer trays as I’m planning a bunch of activities involving actual ice.  I can try to have a follow up post with pics of those if there’s interest.  :)

I is for Ice RaptorMamaFirst up is a sight words activity.  Raptor got these books for her birthday and she loves them.  Handily enough, they have a list of sight words on the first page.  :)  I wrote them out on the (laminated) snowflakes and then wrote the letters on some of those decorative marbles.  I’m interested to see what she thinks of this one.

I is for Ice RaptorMama-31-5 for E.

I is for Ice RaptorMama-2I’m not sure if this is going to be a hit or not, but Raptor has been loving her addition work lately so we’ll see.  I was thinking I would make it a game for A and Raptor either while E naps or she and I will play as a team.  The idea is to roll the dice and then use the counters to add the numbers.  Another idea is to have E roll just one dice (die?  what is the singular of dice?) and then count out the number.

Other activities I have planned mostly include freezing random things in ice and dumping them in our water table.  I’m thinking glitter, pony beads, food coloring…  Possibilities seem endless.  I might revisit our ice excavations too.  Probably painting with colored ice? Maybe a special field trip to the shaved ice place?  Raptor goes back to preschool this week so we’ll have to see.

I’m also going to be making some changes to the Letter a Week format.  The littles are going to be spending more time in the car as A starts first grade and I’m thinking I’m going to transition some of the work from trays to bags for the car.  In fact, I just scored some awesome fabric from Hobby Lobby and I’m planning on making the bags this week.  I haven’t quite decided if I’ll split the work between trays and bags or just go with all bags.  Thoughts from others who have dealt with the school pick up line?  It’s about an hour round trip with about 40 minutes of that being in line.  Last year I was lucky enough to be able to leave them with RaptorDad (he would take his lunch break while they napped) but his schedule is changing this year so that’s no longer an option.




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