Homemade Healthy Creamsicles

It’s time for another Zoku post!  I make regular popsicles for Raptor and the girls with some frequency, but Raptor Dad wanted to mix it up and make creamsicles.

popsicles RaptorMamaFirst he put in some juice to make the outside shell.  I use this organic juice.  If I add a bit of water, one box will make 3 popsicles.

popsicles RaptorMama-2After a few minutes (once the outside has set up) suck up the remaining juice with the turkey baster thingy.  If you don’t have that, you could just dump it out.

popsicles RaptorMama-4You’ll be left with a nice spot to pour in some yogurt.

popsicles RaptorMama-5First he tried to do it directly from the tube, but it was too thick.

popsicles RaptorMama-6So we mixed it up with the leftover juice to thin it out.

popsicles RaptorMama-7It worked like a charm!

popsicles RaptorMama-8It took a bit longer for the yogurt to freeze, but freeze it did.

popsicles RaptorMama-10So cool!

popsicles RaptorMama-11The girls definitely approved.  :)










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