Chicken Stock

I started making my own chicken broth y’all.  I know, I know.  Even I think I’m crazy.  :)  It’s just so darn easy and so darn tasty!

IMG_0565First, roast a chicken.  Our current favorite is to put some lemon slices, garlic, rosemary, and a few pats of butter under the skin of the chicken.  Add a bit of salt, some onions, carrots, and potatoes and you have some good eats!  I’ll admit that it tastes better in the oven, but it makes our whole house hot to turn on the oven so we’ve been making it in the crock pot.

IMG_0574After dinner, I pick off the rest of the chicken for us to eat throughout the week and then put the bones and skin back in the crockpot along with another onion, some celery, more garlic and some apple cider vinegar.  Then fill it up with water and turn it on low.  The next afternoon you have chicken stock.  Strain it and use it for all kinds of yumminess throughout the week.  I store it in glass jars (from pasta sauce) in the fridge.  If I don’t think we’ll use it right away, I freeze them in silicon muffin tins (the same ones I use for Raptor’s lunch) and then pop them into a ziplock bag.  It’s super tasty and all my hippy friends say it’s super good for you.  Cooking success!



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