D is for Dinosaur

Don’t you love it when you find *exactly* what you’re looking for, but even better?  Me too.  I’m not one to recreate the wheel so when I found an awesome *free* dinosaur unit I snapped it up.  Seriously, check out this blog.  My only problem was narrowing down what to print.  :)  I had intended to just use these as worksheets since that’s what Kate’s been begging for, but when I went to pick them up they were all in color.  Now I’m not one to waste color prints so I laminated most of them.  :)

DinoFirst up is sorting.

Dino-6Then some simple puzzles.

Dino-2A more complicated puzzle that has numbers across the bottom to make it easier.

Dino-3Sequencing by size.

Dino-5And one of my favorites, shadow matching.

I also bought a tube of cheap plastic dinosaurs.  I’m planning on freezing them into a block of ice so we can “excavate” them, maybe with some salt and warm water.  I predict this will be a pretty big hit.






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