B is for Bumbleebee

As predicted, we fell far short of finishing everything from our A is for Apple unit.  I’m totally cool with that.  Raptor and I had a delightful week (ok, that’s a bit of a stretch.  I’m sure anyone who has had prolonged experience with a 3 year old is giving me the side eye right about now.) and I think it really helped that I had some go to activities planned.  Our Bee week is a little less structured, only because I found that the structure wasn’t working for us.  I printed off a bunch of “worksheets” (Kate couldn’t get enough of these last week), planned 5 crafts/ activities, and made 5 Montessori-ish trays.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-15I keep our trays in this cabinet.  It was just a modular bookshelf thingy from Target, but RaptorDad was kind enough to add doors that latched when I decided to repurpose it from shoe storage to work tray storage.  He even spray painted the doors with chalk board paint.  Y’all, he’s a keeper.  😀

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-11Our first tray this time is an oldie but a goodie.  Transferring pompoms (yellow and black this week to go with the bee theme) from a bowl into a muffin tray with tongs.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-10I think she’s going to *love* this one, though I’ll admit that I have some reservations about giving her free reign with the glue stick.  I cut out all of the pieces for the bee (including wax paper wings) and put them in a tray along with a marker, glue stick, and an example.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-9This one goes along with a little song.  Something about bees which escapes me at the moment. ::note to self, look this up before tomorrow::  I bought the bees at a teacher supply store a million years ago, they’re Learning Trend.  I cut the bee hive out with my Cricut using this SVG file.

Edited to add:  OK, I just looked it up.  Here ya’ go.  Incidentally, they have a ton of cute Montessori bee ideas.

Here is the beehive
But where are the bees
Hiding inside where nobody sees
Watch and you’ll see them come out of their hive — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-8RaptorDad made me these life cycle cards.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-7Raptor seemed a bit bored with just the alphabet last week, so I thought I would mix it up a bit these weeks.  I wrote out some CVC words on beehives and then wrote the corresponding letters on some bees.  I deliberately did the words in lowercase and the letters in uppercase so Raptor could practice matching.  I hoping that this encourages some phonics practice, but I’m not overly concerned about it.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-14The other thing that I did this week was to prep some craft projects.  I have tissue paper and contact paper all ready to make some more faux stained glass.  This time a bee and the letter B.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-13We found these little finger puppets at Joannes and I sorted them so they would be easier to assemble later.  It makes 3 bees.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-12And how awesome are these?!?  They’re another RaptorDad find from Joannes.  I’m thinking that one day we’ll do a sensory bin with spit peas and these, then another day we’ll make and decorate some cookies with the.  Which reminds me, I need to add split peas to the grocery list.  :)

That gives us 4 special things to do, in addition to the trays.  We have tentative plans to go to a strawberry farm (B is for berry!) on Friday and I think that will round out our week nicely.

I’m currently working on C is for Caterpillar and D is for Dinosaur.  Suggestions for other letters?  I’m leaning towards F is for Frog and H is for Heart (so that I can reuse all of my Valentine’s Day stuff!) but other than that I’m open to ideas.  :)










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  1. Ashley says:

    E is for Elephant! These are cute activities; I’m sure she will enjoy them. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  2. Thanks for sharing on Mom’s Library! I’m featuring this idea along with my round up of preschool themes on this week’s Mom’s Library. There are lots of other theme ideas shared by other bloggers. I’m sure you could work some into your letter themes! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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