Zoku- 1 year later

Last year I got a Zoku for my birthday and I thought that it was just about the coolest thing ever.  In fact, I wrote a whole blog post about it here.  And one year later?  It’s still the coolest thing ever!



Last year I got all fancy cutting out hearts and adding color.  This time, I kept it simpler and it was still a big hit.



I tried to recreate the pictures of both the popsicles and the girls eating them because I think it will make a neat scrapbook layout.  #nerdalert

Reasons why I still love this.

1.  It’s quick and easy.

2.  I can make 3 popsicles from one organic juice box if I add a wee bit of water.  (I frequently have 3 little girls here.)

3.  The little pitcher from the accessories pack makes this super easy.

4.  I love being able to give Raptor and the girls a fun treat that is free of HFCS and dye.

5.  The popsicle maker is very well made.

6.  It’s cute!

In short, you need this!

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